Sunday, October 21st

The Committee of the Whole met at City Hall in the City of Black River Falls on September 20, 2017 at 6:00 P.M. Alderpersons Redbird, Colloton Chrest, Erickson, Olson, Busse, Gearing-Lancaster, and Ross were present. Alderperson Rave was excused. Mayor Jay Eddy presided.

1.There were 2 citizens in attendance.

2.The City Administrator presented the proposed 2018 City Budget.

3.The Department Head monthly reports were reviewed. Department heads present were Steve Schreiber, Jody Stoker, Todd Gomer, Kelly Bakken, Steve Peterson, and Brad Chown.

4. Chief Schreiber had the new Squad 1 at city hall prior to the meeting for council members to see.

5.Chief Bakken attended her first week of command school which is a 6 week program spanning 9 months. She thanked the council for allowing her to attend and will bring the training back to utilize in the department. Alderperson Ross inquired about how the street dance event went. Chief Bakken and Administrator Chown will gather that information and share with the council.

6.Parks & Recreation Director Peterson shared the dedication of Marks East in his honor which took place on September 9 th . With both fields named in honor of the two individuals that have been involved in Little League since 1953 – Bob Teeples and Steve Peterson – Director Peterson recommended changing the park name from Marks Fields to Marks Parks Home of the Jackson County Little League. This will be placed on the next Common Council agenda.

7.Alderperson Gearing-Lancaster inquired about a presentation to the council on the history of the Black River Falls Area Airport. The City Administrator will get it on the agenda for the next council meeting.

8.It was moved by Alderperson Ross, seconded by Alderperson Redbird to approve vouchers for August 2017 check #62953 to #63096 totaling $401,406.00 Motion carried.

9.It was moved by Alderperson Redbird, seconded by Alderperson Colloton Chrest to approve the City Treasurer’s Report for August 2017. Motion carried.

10.It was moved by Alderperson Busse, seconded by Alderperson Gearing-Lancaster to approve the Revenue & Expense Reports for August 2017. Motion carried.

11.It was moved by Alderperson Olson, seconded by Alderperson Redbird to adjourn. Motion carried.

A. Brad Chown
City Administrator