Thursday, February 22nd

As Randy Bjerke walks through the halls at the Jackson County Courthouse, he can’t help but look up and reminisce about the 272 veterans that are honored with their casket flags that adorn the courthouse hallways.

“The local people come in and they see the flags and they recognize the name and it brings back a memory for each of us. It is just a nice, warm feeling knowing that these are those people’s flags,” Bjerke said.

Bjerke, the Jackson County veteran service officer, has been serving the county for more than nine years after serving for 20 years as a Marine. He has yet to find anything like the casket flags in the Jackson County Courthouse.

“No other courthouse or area that I am aware of has such a thing,” Bjerke said explaining that the flags began to be placed in the courthouse about 30 years ago when Bob Teeples, a local veteran, thought of the idea.