Thursday, September 20th

A Taylor man has been charged with theft by contractor for accepting $2,000 and failing to complete a project at a village of Taylor residence.

According to the criminal complaint, a woman told Jackson County police that she hired 38-year-old Dustin Webb for construction work that included set up for a pool and construction of a deck around it. The woman said she paid $2,000 to Webb on June 13, 2017, and that he agreed to complete the deck before June 24.

The complaint says Webb came to the residence once to tear down the old deck and began erecting the framework for the new deck. He came back one more time to drop off materials but never finished the work.

The woman estimated Webb left about $500 worth of materials at the residence, some of which was used lumber. She told police she agreed to pay Webb $2,000 for materials and another $1,000 for labor after the job was completed.