Thursday, September 20th

April showers bring snow plowers. We have a new season—sprinter—which combines winter in spring.

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter have banded together to argue the quote that “No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.” I’ve been getting a lot of things like this after the predicted snows came. I still marvel at how one place can get a couple of inches of the white stuff, then another place just down the road got hit with more ice, and still farther a few places got 12 inches of snow again. Yup, sprinter in Wisconsin. Thanks to all the snow plowers for keeping the roads clear.

It’s funny about spring snowstorms. You all know how verbal I am about not being a fan of snow, but the morning after we got dumped on, I looked out the window and saw clumps of snow on our pine trees against a sky so blue it almost took my breath away.