Thursday, September 20th

Area dairy farmers are invited to connect with University of Wisconsin Dairy Sciences specialists April 19 at upcoming meetings in two western Wisconsin locations.

Dairy reproduction, nutrition and well-being will be discussed as well as outlook for domestic and international dairy markets.

Dr. Paul Fricke will talk about integration of reproductive programs and technology to maximize reproductive efficiency in dairy cows.

Dr. Jennifer Van Os will discuss research that targets best management practices of housing and management to help the Wisconsin dairy industry adapt as our scientific knowledge about animal welfare continues to grow.

Dr. Randy Shaver will discuss dairy nutrition topics in what could be his last dairy meeting in western Wisconsin before retirement.

Katie Burgess, commodity risk analyst with Blimling and Associates, will discuss how farms can prepare for the opportunities and obstacles that come with managing price risk in dairy markets.

The program will be held simultaneously from 10:30 a.m.