Thursday, October 18th

Gardeners should watch for a new pest this growing season: The jumping worm has been spotted in Black River Falls.

Master Gardener Patricia Franks and Master Naturalist Sally Lister have been raising the alarm about the invaders after they were found in the compost at the Spaulding Road Community Garden. The two presented a talk about the worms at the April 12 Karner Blue Garden Club meeting.

“We find the worms at the community garden in the leaf and plant material we get from the city, which is collected from all over the city,” Franks said. “Because we only see them in the leaf and plant material we get from the city or where we use that material, I think jumping worms have already infested other areas in Black River Falls. People just have not realized that they have them in their gardens.”

Native to Southeast Asia, jumping worms are thought to have been inadvertently imported to this country in potted plants, nursery stock or soil.