Sunday, October 21st

Can we finally say Happy Spring and actually feel like it is?

Pictures of families celebrating by flying kites and taking visits to the zoo looked darned fine.

It was so good to crack the windows open, feeling the fresh air rush through, listening to the birds sing. I even got paroled from house arrest and managed to go for a couple of car rides. You can tell I haven’t been to town in awhile. I didn’t know the village streets were still unpaved and that the bridge was being worked on. With spring comes dry weather and danger of fire, though I hope the wildfire that was by Bruce Mound this past weekend was contained quickly.

Who says there is no such thing as Christmas miracles? Speaking of long time coming, it was finally time that Christmas in April, and two birthdays were celebrated. You would not believe how many times that event was planned and postponed for one reason or another these past few months.