Thursday, October 18th

As 911 dispatchers for Jackson County, Chris and Sarah Wruck are experts in sending help.

Now they find themselves on the receiving end.

Friends and family are raising money to help Chris Wruck in his fight against IgA Nephropathy, a condition that has progressively destroyed his kidney function since he was a child. To help the family with medical expenses, a kickoff fund-raising event has been scheduled for 5 to 9 p.m. Saturday, May 19, at Sand Creek Brewery in Black River Falls.

The family received good news April 21, when doctors learned a kidney match had been found. Most of the transplant's $415,000 cost will be covered by health insurance, but the family estimates expenses not covered by insurance − prescription drugs, therapy, travel costs, meals and lodging − will reach $30,000.

Wruck's mother-in-law, Donna Sigler, said $30,000 is a significant expense for a family with two toddlers and a third child on the way.