Friday, November 16th

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Voters in Cedarburg approved a $58.9 million referendum Tuesday to renovate and build new facilities in the Cedarburg School District. An increase in enrollment has forced schools to convert some spaces, such as this former storage room at Thorson Elementary School, into classrooms and workstations.(Photo: C.T. Kruger/Now News Group)Buy Photo

Wisconsin taxpayers voted to pour at least $1.3 billion more into their local public schools on Tuesday, raising their own property taxes in most cases to pay for it and making 2018 another record year for school district referendums.

Capping an election cycle in which education issues dominated the governor's race, voters approved 77 referendums by school districts asking to borrow money for capital projects or exceed their state-mandated revenue limits to maintain or expand programming. They rejected just five, totaling almost $44 million.

All 23 ballot questions passed in southeastern Wisconsin, totaling $556 million, according to an analysis of data reported by the Department of Public Instruction.