Saturday, March 23rd

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.(Photo: Toya Sarno Jordan, Getty Images)

MADISON - Eric Holder is swinging into Wisconsin Thursday to campaign for state Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer, even as Neubauer says she wants a group run by the former U.S. attorney general to stay out of the race.

Holder’s group is spending $350,000 to help get Neubauer on the high court in the April 2 election. She faces Brian Hagedorn, who like her sits on the District 2 Court of Appeals in Waukesha.

"When I first announced ... I called on the outside money to stay out," Neubauer said in an interview this week. "I believed in that then, I believe in that now, so I've been consistent all along."

She said she feels the same about the Greater Wisconsin Committee, a liberal group that is running ads attacking Hagedorn.

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