Friday, October 20th

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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has urged "sanctuary cities" to reconsider their status. Sessions said in a speech in Portland, Oregon that the grants are not an entitlement. (Sept. 19) AP

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Thousands of protesters participating in a "Day Without Latinos, Immigrants and Refugees" gather at the Milwaukee County Courthouse in February. Legislation aimed at curbing riots could have a chilling effect on such demonstrations, Ernst-Ulrich Franzen argues in a column.(Photo: Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)Buy Photo

MADISON - A massive crowd turned out Thursday in opposition to a bill that would cut state funding for so-called sanctuary cities.

In the face of that opposition, Sen. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) made a spirited case for the bill before the Senate Committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform.

"The bill is directed specifically at illegal aliens that have committed a crime," Nass told the committee.