Friday, November 24th

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Kevin Nicholson (left), and Leah Vukmir (right) are Republican candidates for U.S. Senate.(Photo: Michael Sears)Buy Photo

When it comes to tax reform, Republican U.S. Senate candidates Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson usually stick with the basics.

They both back Republican-led efforts to overhaul the tax code, but generally avoid getting into the deep details of legislation that is still being hashed out in Congress.

But there is one important facet of tax policy that Vukmir, a state senator from Brookfield, has taken a strong stand on.

She's for ending the state and local tax deduction, known as SALT.

Vukmir took that stance as a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, the corporate-backed group that brings together conservative lawmakers from across the country.

Vukmir, a member of the group's board of directors, was one among 140 lawmakers from 36 states to sign on to ALEC's open letter to Congress calling for an elimination of the SALT deduction.