Friday, November 24th

Packers quarterback Brett Hundley takes a Lambeau Leap after rushing for a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night.(Photo: Adam Wesley-USA TODAY NETWORK)

Packers quarterback Brett Hundley spent part of his recent bye week deer hunting with wide receiver Jeff Janis and took down his first deer during the bow season.

A video of a happy Hundley cooking venison from his first deer was posted on the Door County Daily News website and Youtube.

Hundley harvested a 2-year-old doe with his Matthews hunting bow in Janis' backyard and is shown frying up the tender backstraps – the lean cut of meat along the animal's spine – with butter and onions in a pan.

He said he was hunting for two to three hours in Janis' backyard before he harvested the doe.

“The catch phrase we have is from forest to fork. Me and my boy Jeff Janis, actually last night went out hunting for my first time and – I shot my first deer! And look at where it’s at already.