Sunday, April 22nd

Gov. Scott Walker.(Photo: J. Scott Applewhite, Associated Press)

MADISON - Gov. Scott Walker — who mounted a brief bid for the presidency just months after winning re-election in 2014 — pledged Monday to serve a full four years if he's elected to a third term in November. 

The GOP governor also suggested Missouri's Republican governor should resign, sidestepped saying whether he agreed with former FBI Director James Comey's comments that the president is unfit to serve and backed the idea of setting up military training posts along Mexico's border.

"Tommy Thompson told me if not once, a thousand times, his worst day as governor was better than his best day in the cabinet, so I can unequivocally without hesitation tell you I will never willingly leave the role as governor through this next coming term," Walker said.

Walker said Thompson — who left office in 2001 in his fourth term to become President George W. Bush's health secretary — had "pounded into my head" that serving as governor is better than working for a president.