Friday, June 22nd

Kathy Weiss' cabin has been owned by her parents since the early 1970s and now belongs to Weiss and her siblings.(Photo: Tyger Williams, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Almost a century ago, Joy Adams' great-uncle bought a cabin near Minocqua.

At least five generations have cherished the two-room, 24-foot-by-24-foot northern Wisconsin cottage with no running water. Everyone in her family uses it, including her sons' friends. A number of people took their spouses-to-be up there before proposing marriage.

"That was the litmus test — could the girl handle it up there?" said Adams, the oldest of seven kids.

"It's the big thing that keeps our large family together. Some of my nieces married guys who absolutely love it. My sons married women who didn't say no to it. They go up there and have a good time."

Like the spring migration of birds heading north, so it is with the migration of human beings lucky enough to own cabins and cottages in Wisconsin's Northwoods.