Friday, June 22nd

Caleb Frostman (left), who won a seat in the 1st Senate District on Tuesday, talks to Sturgeon Bay voter Tom Fernandez ahead of the election.(Photo: Craig Gilbert / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

MADISON – For the third time this year Wisconsin, voters have handed Democrats key wins by margins that could chip away at the confidence Republicans gained from President Donald Trump's victory in the state less than two years ago.

In a pair of special elections on Tuesday, voters in the 1st Senate District elected Democrat Caleb Frostman over GOP Rep. Andre Jacque of De Pere with a huge 20-point swing from Trump's 18-point winning margin in 2016. 

In the 42nd Assembly District contest, Republicans kept the seat with a modest 6-point Democratic swing from Trump's 14-point edge to Republican Jon Plumer's 8-point win over opponent Ann Groves Lloyd. 

The win in the 1st Senate District — the first for a Democrat in more than 40 years — follows a surprise win for Democrats in January of another long-held GOP Senate seat, and a sweeping statewide win by Supreme Court Justice-elect Rebecca Dallet in April.