Thursday, July 19th

Tyco Fire Product operates a fire technology center in Marinette where chemicals used in fire-fighting foam have been found in groundwater.(Photo: Johnson Controls)

A Johnson Controls-owned manufacturer is providing additional water treatment systems to homes and businesses in Marinette, in northeastern Wisconsin, where chemicals used by the company have been found in groundwater and are part of a group of compounds attracting attention nationally for their potential health impacts.

The announcement by Tyco Fire Products to install additional systems comes after the release of a draft federal report in June that showed people exposed to the chemicals face greater health risks to illnesses ranging from liver damage to cancer than previously known. 

Tyco said in a statement that it is offering to pay for, install and maintain the systems in 37 additional homes and businesses where the presence of compounds, known as perfluorinated chemicals, have been detected. The initial details were posted on its website devoted to the groundwater problems on July 5.