Thursday, July 19th

Randy Bryce (left) and Bernie Sanders, campaigning in Racine, Wis., in February 2018.(Photo: Getty Images)

If people know anything about Randy Bryce, it's that the Democratic congressional candidate is an ironworker. And that he has a mustache.

His blue-collar roots have defined his candidacy, starting with his launch video.

But few know that Bryce, who is hoping to replace House Speaker Paul Ryan in his southeastern Wisconsin district, is also doing consulting work for a Milwaukee firm headed by the former head of the state Democratic Party. 

In his latest personal financial disclosure form, Bryce reports earning more than $5,000 from Wavecrest Consulting and Analytics since the start of 2017.

Wavecrest is owned and operated by former Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate. The firm works with political campaigns, private corporations and nonprofits. 

Chris Martin, spokesman for the Republican National Campaign Committee, said the disclosure undercuts Bryce's carefully crafted, working-class image. 

"He’s being paid by a liberal political consulting firm to run for office," Martin said.