Thursday, August 16th

Ed Wall(Photo: Todd Richmond / for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

MADISON - Gov. Scott Walker declined to meet with his corrections secretary as a crisis unfolded at the state’s teen prison and his staff deliberately kept him from visiting the facility, according to a new book by Walker’s former prisons chief.

The book by former Corrections Secretary Ed Wall — released Friday, four days before Wisconsin’s primary — is highly critical of the Republican governor and GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel’s handling of problems at Lincoln Hills School for Boys, a juvenile prison north of Wausau that has been under criminal investigation for more than three years.

Schimel fired Wall from a Department of Justice job in 2016 after he told a Walker aide he should feel free to destroy a document. Wall writes in the book that that incident was misconstrued and he was nearly driven to suicide because of how he was treated by Walker, Schimel and their staffs.