Thursday, August 16th

Rep. Josh Zepnick and Democratic challenger Marisabel Cabrera(Photo: Zepnick and Cabrera campaigns)

MADISON - Eight months after being accused by two female colleagues of kissing them against their will, Milwaukee Rep. Josh Zepnick is being challenged by a fellow Democrat who says Zepnick's behavior toward women makes him unfit to serve in public office.

"I did not decide to run again merely because Josh's sexual assaults came to light. However, his conduct is confirmation that it's time for him to go," said Marisabel Cabrera, an immigration attorney and member of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission.

Zepnick, 50, is seeking another term representing Milwaukee's 9th Assembly District — a position voters have supported keeping him in since 2002.

He has apologized for the incidents, says he has done his best to make amends, and stopped drinking. Zepnick said potential voters in his district have been supportive and have moved on from the allegations that first surfaced in 2017.